Lee Stephens Law

Protecting Real Property Through Conservation and Estate Planning.

A Law Firm with a Mission

Whether it is placing a conservation easement on a family farm or helping the next generation through creation of a trust, Lee Stephens Law knows how to protect your property.

But what makes Lee Stephens Law different is that their attorney’s understand that preserving family assets is as much about the family as it is about the asset.

Family means a sense of place, time and being. That means family owned lands are treated differently than a blue-chip stock. Both assets have place in a balanced portfolio and both assets can benefit future generations, but Lee Stephens Law understands that they are fundamentally different.

That is why, in addition to be being skilled tax attorneys and estate planners, Lee Stephens Law, PLC has as its mission helping preserve Virginia’s natural and historic heritage by establishing its place as Virginia’s preeminent law firm representing easement donors. Call us today and discover the difference.

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